“Curating Contemporary Art” is a 7 month-long seminar series organized in cooperation by Open Dialogue Istanbul and Akbank Sanat. The purpose of these seminars is to initiate a comprehensive program on curating that is on an international level, thus creating a prestigious and unequalled platform of education in this field in Turkey. The program will consist of both theory and practice. The program, which will run under the coordination of Billur Tansel, will be carried out with an educational, practice-based and research-oriented
approach. The seminars will be presented in Turkish and English. Speakers will be renowned actors from the international art platform. The seminars will also feature case studies on biennials, galleries, museums and art fairs. At the end of the seminars, if approved by the Jury, the final exhibition projects suggested by the participants will be displayed in either Akbank Sanat or other collaborative institutions and participants will be presented with a certificate of completion. The program will take place between December 2020 and June 2021. Every Monday between 18:00-20:30 on the digital platform and every Thursday between 18:00-20:30 at Akbank Sanat in Beyoğlu.


Open Dialogue Istanbul, founded by Billur Tansel in July 2015, was initially a nomad international contemporary art project that organized various cultural events on different platforms in Istanbul and abroad. Since October 2016, being based in Teşvikiye, other than the educational programs, we have also been organizing and realizing curatorial art projects and providing consultancy services to art institutions, collectors, students that plan a career in the art field and artists. One of its other important missions is encouraging and developing cultural dialogues between artists, curators and writers on an international level. Open Dialogue Istanbul purposes to provide a platform to young curators, artists and writers, as well as an on the field training opportunity to art students with no such experience.


More than 20 years Akbank Sanat has been involved in many different fields for the development of art in Turkey. So far Akbank Sanat has created an extensive arts and culture programs which cover series of works in the field of publis- hing, music, performing arts and visual arts. The center is supporting the development of contemporary arts in Turkey and hosting many international projects in different artistic fields, giving special attention to empowering young artists by creating opportunities for their artistic development. Akbank Sanat with the mission of being “the place where change never ends”, organizing more than 700 events throughout the year and hosts a wide range of events such as exhibitions, modern dance performances, classical music recitals, jazz concerts, panel discussions, children’s works- hops, film screenings and theatrical performances. Hosted 200 exhibitions since 1993, the Contemporary Art Gallery is showcasing various projects throughout the year. Within the context of gallery’s exhibition program; Akbank Sanat organizes exhibitions of world renowned artists and hosts “Akbank Contemporary Artists Prize Exhibition” in order to support emerging artists.

For more information and registration:
Akbank Sanat: 0212 252 35 00 – 01
Açık Diyalog İstanbul: +(90) 212 230 02 89
apply@curatingcontemporaryart.org / www.opendialogueistanbul.com

“Curating Contemporary Art” Seminar Program

List of Conditions

“Curating Contemporary Art” is a 7 month-long seminar program organized in cooperation by Open Dialogue Istanbul and Akbank  Sanat.   The list of conditions required to participate to this program and the information about the program are stated below:

Program Details:

  • The program will be held in between the dates of December 2020 – June 2021 / will last  7 Months / 25 Weeks / and will consist of 50 Lessons + 8 workshops / 145 hours long of lessons and the finishing Project.
  • It will be realized with a minimum number of 10, maximum number of 20 participants.
  • Seminar Venues: Akbank Sanat the digital platform and different prestigious art institutions.
  • The seminars to be realized on the digital platform will take place on Mondays between 6:00 – 8:30 pm, and the ones to be realized in Akbank Sanat will take place on Wednesdays between 6:00-8:30 pm.,
  • The seminars, internships, field & study trips and the finishing Project will be realized in a time frame of 7 months.
  • The participants admitted to the totality of the program and who will complete the program with success will be given a completion certificate.

Participation Conditions:

 Undergraduate and Postgraduate level with degrees from departments such as visual arts, art management, philosophy, sociology, architecture, engineering, political science & economics.

  • The participation fee to the program will be as follows:

1) For those participating to the totality of the program, 5.000 TL. + kdv. Per participant.

2) Some of the seminars will also be open to outsiders.  The fee per seminar (one seminar= 2,5 hours) was determined as 100 TL. per participant.

  • Those who will participate to the whole program can also do the payment in two installments as follows;

First payment (pre-registration period): 24 November 2020

Second payment : 5 January 2020

·         The completed and signed Application Form must be sent to the following email address: apply@curatingcontemporaryart.org   ·         In addition, a motivation letter (maximum 500 words), CV (maximum 2 pages) and answers to the following questions (at least 300 words per question) must be sent to the same address. ·         Did you think that art played a unifying role in the international art platform during the pandemic process? In the current time, when it is not possible to physically visit exhibitions, what kind of attitude should art institutions take to keep the audience’s attention alive?  ·         What kind of responsibilities does the curator have towards the society he is in today?

·         Could you tell us about a Project you would like to realize within the next two years?

·         How would you define authenticity?  Could you give us an example for a curatorial project that you found authentic?     In which way did you find it authentic?


 To apply, the documents included above would have to be sent to the following email address: apply@curatingcontemporaryart.org

  • The deadline for applications was determined as 15 November 2020. The applications sent after this date will not be evaluated.

·      All participants who have completed the application form will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the conditions.

List of conditions may be downloaded from this link. List of Conditions 2020-2021

All the above embedded PDFs can also be downloaded from the icon indicated in this image