@ A Contemporary Art Museum

16 June 2014

Curator: Billur Tansel

Pianist:Raphael Sudan

Space: Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum

Organized with the co-operation of the Swiss Consulate General in Istanbul


The concert that was organized at the Elgiz Museum purposed to bring together music and arts.

The Elgiz Museum Collection that has an important international collection was also on view during the concert that was organized with the cooperation of the Swiss Consulate General of Istanbul.  The invitees were from the Swiss Community that lived in Istanbul as well as the followers of the Elgiz Museum. The pianist invited by the consulate was a Swiss Musician, Raphael Sudan.

Born in 1985 in Friburg, Raphael Sudan followed his classical piano formation at the Conservatoire de Fribourg.  Next to his classical training, he studied jazz piano and free improvisation.  Sudan is an active member of ISIM since 2010 and the prize winner of the audience’s award at Versailles’ Conservatory Improvisation Competition.