One Minute Or Less Project was curated by Billur Tansel at Lycee Saint Pulcherie to contribute to a better and higher education of kids in arts.

On Monday, October 31st the artists Diana Page and Joicy Koothur, accompanied by curator Billur Tansel, visited our students in their classes for the second time. At last the students had the opportunity to  present their own videos as developed within the framework of the project “One minute or less”. First some background to the project:

The project “One Minuter or Less” was conceptualised by the artists, Diana Page and Joicy Koothur, and facilitated by the English teachers. The students began their journey with the discovery of the works of the video artist, Bill Viola. Once the students  had researched and gathered information about Bill Viola’s  works, the English teachers followed up by  posting three videos of the artist:« The raft », « Silent mountain » and « I do not know what it is I am like »on this blog.  Students were then invited to comment on the videos online.

On 3rd October the students met  with Joicy Koothur, Diana Page and Billur Tansel for the first time. After the three had introduced themselves and the work of Bill Viola had been  briefly discussed, the real work began. Yes the students would be making videos and talking and writing about them, but first they were called upon to shift their perspective in their ordinary everyday lives in order to see and think differently. Students were initially asked to bodily shift their perspective within the classroom and then report on what they saw from their new perspective. Suddenly things were viewed from standing on a chair, through the windows, from above and below, near and far. In the second exercise, in small groups, students were invited to view the same classroom scene but through the eyes of a detective!  With the world suddenly appearing a whole lot more interesting, students were then invited to go out in small groups and shoot video from the midst of their everyday lives but from a shifted perspective. One defining parameter had to be followed: no video could be more than a minute long! These are now published on this blog together with comments from the students and the artists.

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