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About Open Dialogue Istanbul

Founded by Billur Tansel, Open Dialogue Istanbul is a nomad international contemporary art project that focuses on educational programs, talks and dialogues. It was initiated as a collaborative project to Open Space Istanbul, founded by Huma Kabakcı.

One of the main missions is promoting cultural dialogues between artists, curators and writers on an international level.

Past projects consist of nomad projects organized in different spaces. Projects are shaped according to regional needs.

The launch of Open Space Istanbul and a pre-launch event for Open Dialogue Istanbul which was in the process of creation in June of 2015, at Sumahan in Istanbul.
A conference entitled ‘Salty Thoughts’ was organized in collaboration with Open Space Istanbul that took place as a part of the Istanbul Biennial in 2015.
An exhibition entitled ‘Crossing lines’ that was realized in collaboration with Open Space Istanbul in London.

Open Dialogue Istanbul purposes to provide a platform to young curators, artists and writers, as well as an on the field training occasion to art students with no such experience.