“Curating Contemporary Art” is a 7-month seminar series organized in cooperation by Open Dialogue Istanbul and Akbank Sanat. The purpose of these seminars is to initiate a comprehensive program on curation that is on an international level, thus creating a prestigious and unequaled platform of education in this field in Turkey that focuses on both the theory and practice of composing an exhibition and developing an ideological framework. The program, which will run under the coordination of Billur Tansel, will be carried out with an educational, practice-based and research-oriented approach. The seminars will be presented in Turkish and English. Speakers will be renowned actors in the field of art from the international art scene. They will both present speeches on theory and provide opportunities to put the theory into practice. The seminars will also feature case studies on biennials, galleries, museums and art fairs. At the end of the seminars, the final projects will be displayed in the form of an exhibition and participants will be presented with a certificate of completion. The program will take place between November 2019 and May 2020.