screenshot_16The educational programs that are designed for children and young par- ticipants in the age groups from 3 to 22 purpose to suggest to them a new stand in life where they will learn to live with art, to think and to question things. For the society, the latter is an invest- ment into the future. The value that a country gives to art defines where that country stands in the framework of contemporaneity in comparison to other countries in the world.

Workshops for creative ideas, dra- ma, two- and three-dimensional vi- sual arts, producing comic books, stop-motion animation will be offered by young, dynamic and experienced instructors. While giving the partici- pants a good basis for art history, ins- tructors will work on improving their sense of creativity and team spirit. A proper art education will provide the participants with the tools to learn and to question and improve their creativity, and thus contribute to the development of their personality.

Art consists of the totality of the com- petences of seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking, sensing and it presents to us a privileged way of seeing. Sense of perception can be conveyed by child- ren in any visual form, independent of objects. Children think concretely and have hardships in differentiating between dreams and the truth. But they can easily draw what they see and think in a few lines. Since we live in the age of visual communication, this will mean a leap forward in visual thinking.

The ability of visual thinking brings meaning and depth to life. Today’s well known artists will be our guests on the educational programs that is organized by Open Dialogue Istanbul. The contents and details of the prog- rams are as follows: