Part of SALTWATER: A THEORY OF THOUGHT FORMS as a part of the 14th Istanbul Biennial

Press Release

Date: 14th of September 2015

Location: Cezayir, Firuzağa Mahallesi, Hayriye Cd. No:12, İstanbul

Time: 18:00-20:00

Moderator: Nevzat Sayın

Speakers: Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Anjelika Akbar, Doç. Dr. Ufuk Kocabaş, Rahmi Ögdül. Ali Ethem Keskin, Nevzat Sayın

Organised by: Open Space Istanbul & Open Dialogue Istanbul

Curated by: Billur Tansel & Huma Kabakcı

Note: The conference will be held in Turkish, there will be no translations

Photos taken during the Salty Thoughts Conference as a part of the Istanbul Biennial. Photo credit: Kayhan Kaygusuz. Copy Right ODI & OSI


As the 14th Biennial examines the theory of Saltwater and its multifaceted meanings, this conference will consist of cross-disciplinary guest speakers (a Diver, a Sea Biologist, a Composer/Pianist, a Marine Archeologist and a Conceptual Turkish Artist participating at the Biennial) –related to the topic Saltwater moderated by Nevzat Sayın who is an acclaimed architect and curator. There will be a video and image projection of the works related to the subject matter.

Since this Biennial will present new works by over fifty visual artists and other practitioners, including oceanographers and neuroscientists, in a citywide project on the Bosphorus, Open Space Istanbul will be inviting six guest speakers from different disciplines that have dealt with saltwater in their lives from different perspectives. The Bosphorus does not only bridge the East and the West but also carries a lot of hidden treasures, memories and histories. The Bosphorus also considers different frequencies and patterns of waves, the currents and densities of water, both visible and invisible that poetically and politically shape and transform the world.

Salty Thoughts” will represent Open Space Istanbul & Open Dialogue Istanbul’s cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural exchange ideology existing in a nomadic way in collaboration with the Istanbul Biennial. We will be examining what brings these professionals together and gathers them around the same subject as well as how their perspectives coming from different educational, cultural, experiential backgrounds and interests can change their approach and analyses.

Hera Büyüktaşçıyan who is taking part in the Istanbul Biennial with her project “From the island of the day before” explores this notion between hidden aspects of time and mind, and tries to make them visible.

The different perspectives and multi-disciplinary approaches examining our underwater heritage with an artistic and musical reflection will enable it to resurface and meet with the audience.

About Open Space Istanbul & Open Dialogue Istanbul

Founded by Huma Kabakcı and Billur Tansel. Open Space Istanbul and Open Dialogue Istanbul are collaborative contemporary art projects that look into promoting cross-cultural dialogue between artists, curators and art practitioners internationally.

While the first exhibition took place in London, the first launch of the two projects was realised in Istanbul. This particular moving projects aim to create recognition, present artists and curators coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, experiences and artistic practices. By calling themselves ‘open,’ Open Space Istanbul & Open Dialogue Istanbul aim to explore various art media through talks, performances, moving images, screenings and dialogues. One of their key objectives is to further the curatorial and artistic discourse and open up to other exhibitions and symposiums.