Managing the future is an important issue that concernts all of us. Starting from the high school and university years, unanswered questions such as ”What profession we will choose or how we should orient our lives”, could make us uncomfortable. Some people never know what they want to do during their lifetime.

Managing the future is a matter of strategy. Strategy can be thought as the ability to bring our opportunities and conditions together in a right way. Life is based on strategy and it is crucial in all stages of our life. Strategic thinking, strategic foresight and planning are important for making the right decisions for the future. Managing the future means managing the crisis and risks.

This seminar given by Billur Tansel, was designed especially to provide guidance to university students who have difficulties in choosing the right path for their future. It is a brain storming session about choosing a strategy for life, planning the future in the best possible way, and choosing a career.

*This workshop are organized regarding to the participants request regularly.