Portfolio evaluation workshop is an individual consultancy session. Those who have participated in the portfolio preparation workshop at Open Dialogue Istanbul offered several times during the year, 2017 or who already have a portfolio can benefit from this seminar by getting an appointment.

A portfolio should be prepared in the most accurate, effective, practical and professional manner. It must consist of a cover letter, an up-to-date information about the artist, an artist manifesto and artwork samples (minimum 5, maximum 10 work visuals). Artists’ portfolio will be evaluated with their targets, mission, vision, presentation and quality of the presentation in mind.

Preparing a portfolio gives an artist a chance to put forth his plans. He will get a chance to know himself better in this process. Depending on where the artist is planing to apply, the portfolios should be prepared accordingly. For the latter there will be need to do a preliminary study, research and planning. Once these goals are determined, we will provide more information to the artist about the art institutions that could represent him in the best possible way. The evaluation session will be conducted by Billur Tansel.

*This workshop are organized regarding to the participants request regularly.